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Welcome to Gyveo

Create your own livestream to help raise money for a cause

Gyveo is a mobile platform that enables anyone to host a livestream and raise money for a cause. It is the modern equivalent of the telethon, where each week a different cause will be chosen and proceeds during that week will go to charities that support this cause.

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What we do

Make charity accessible to everyone

Low fees

At Gyveo we believe donations should have the maximum impact possible, and to that effect we only keep a 5% fee in order to pay our server and transaction costs.

Wide array of causes

With so many different and important causes, at Gyveo we focus on one each week with a particular interest in envrinonmental, education and health.


The live streams at Gyveo are interactive, allowing viewers to send messages to the streamers who in turn can engage and make the stream fun.

A closer look at our app

Created to work on all mobile devices
Multiple Streams

Gyveo supports many livestreams at the same time making for interesting and rich content.

100% Responsive

Using cutting edge technology, Gyveo live streams have minimal latency and promote interaction with viewers.

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iPhone homepage
Easy donation

Gyveo makes donations as simple as 1 click - no setup or account required.


Sharing the stream with friends on social media platforms is effortless.

Meet the team

George - Co-founder


George has a BS in Physics from MIT and a PhD in Physics from Stanford.

George Coss

Filippos - Co-founder


Filippos has a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Filippos Economou

Antonis - Co-founder


Antonis has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Antonis Papantoniou

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